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  • "Quickest Cancellation Ever.. And So Happy to Help!

    I actually haven't purchased hosting from Hostmy1stweb before, However, I did order a module from them on an annual basis for my Whmcs. It was a painless order and I was up and running with the module within 20 minutes. Cool. Over the last year, I have moved away from using credit cards on my Whmcs, so I didn't need this module anymore. In all honesty I didn't think to much about the module since I thought it was a one time payment and so was surprised when I found out it was an annual fee. I had put off cancellation because I thought I would just fall off the system and my service would be cancelled, which didn't matter to me. However, I recieved an email saying that I could end up in collections, so I sent an email to the hosting company telling them to cancel my service right away since I didn't need it anymore and wouldn't be using it anymore. They were so helpful in getting my service disconnected, even though most companies would have requested that I be billed for an additional year before cancellation (I was 2 days out of the renewal period), they didn't. Within a couple of emails, my service was cancelled, my account will be brought up to date within the next 24 hours, and I am a happy customer. For customer service alone, I would recommend this company. It isn't a load of autoresponders replying to your emails, its an Actual Person with Customized Responses. Let that sink in. I know without any doubt, that if someone did have a problem with hosting, they would be able to get in touch with some Asap. If they were this courteous when I was Leaving Them, I know they will provide So Much Love if you stick with them. Peace."
    - 01/02/2014

  • "We found Hostmy1stweb to be a value in product cost and a better than average support department. We would recommend them to anyone looking for web hosting services!

    Bill Davis (AAA Sound Company) - 17/02/2014

    Christine Delgadillo (Share the Wealth) - 16/02/2014

  • " I love your hosting platform and customer support desk. You demonstrate on how to do it right. In a cyberspace world where hosting programs are everywhere, it is nice to know that there are some great platforms out there that overshadow the bad ones. Keep up the excellent work!!!

    Nancy Benton"
    Nancy Benton - 12/08/2015

  • "Thanks for the help, support, and great pricing.
    I have two active websites with this company.
    www.thevintageknights.com and www.bakerbuildandfinish.com
    They maintain, host, advise, and bill out with ease and accuracy for the customer.
    I would refer people to do business with Hostmy1stweb.com
    Five stars from me!"
    Tom Baker (Baker Build & Finish) - 12/08/2015

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Customer Testimonial

While looking for a reliable web hosting provider I came across Hostmy1stweb.com. I have been blown away with their service and support and recommend Hostmy1stweb.com to all my friends!