Can't download, receive email or contact your server! 1

Technical port checking in common server transactions between client and host.

cPanel 4

Find answers to using cPanel, where it is located, what does it control and why.

DNS/Nameserver 3

How do I confugure my own private nameserver address like...

Domain name management. 6

Common answers to domain management question.

Domain name purchases 4

Common answers to Domain Name purchases

Domain name transfers 14

Common answers to Domain transfers and situations with registrars.

Email & Email Client 9

Find answers to setup, repair, manage your email accounts using M.S. Outlook or Express.

General 6

Here we answer most common question about server backups and password reset's and more.

ID Shield 2

Helpful answers about ID Shield and how it works.

Server Errors 2

This area has general information on server errors and causes.


 FileZilla error, "421 Sorry, cleartext sessions are not accepted on this server."

Sometimes when you connect to the server via FileZilla, it gives the following error :"421...

 How do I get and use SSH access?

Yes, we offer SSH (secure shell) access. Re: Shared Hosting We offer jailed SSH, which...

 I can't get my FTP client to upload to the server?

One suggestion that we have after you have checked all your settings over again and you...

 Why we don't allow "Addon Domains".

We don't allow Add On Domains as they may cause issues with multiple concurrent connections using...

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