dotMOBI (IM) Service

Instant Mobilizer (IM) Service

What is Instant Mobilizer?
The Instant Mobilizer reformats the content from an existing web site for the individual mobile browser accessing the dotmobi domain, and presents it in a way that is formatted for mobile consumption. It also automatically adds made-for-mobile functionality by converting all phone numbers to click-to-call links and all addresses into Google map links. These elements are automatically brought to the top of the page on the mobile site.
What can you benefit from it?
* Automatically resizes images, reformats text and inserts other mobile-friendly features without your development effort
* Preserves look and feel of your existing web site
* Increases search engine rankings
* Converts phone numbers into click-to-call links and enables your clients to initiate a call to you simply by clicking the links
* Converts addresses to Google Maps links, which can help your clients easily locate your business
Use of this service is only available for dotMobi domains registered with Hostmy1stweb. This Instant Mobilizer (IM) service may only be used to mobilise the contents of a dotMOBI source domain which the user is entitled to do in such a way. Hostmy1stweb reserves the right to terminate this service immediately should this violate any third-party rights. You will be required to supply an accessible existing source domain (an active on-line website) for which the (IM) will pull content from in order to build your dotMOBI domain with. For those who supply the wrong information for a source domain, which results in the invalidity of the dotMobi Instant Mobilizer (IM) service, Hostmy1stweb will not bear any responsibility. Once the (IM) service has been activated, you will neither cancel the (IM) service nor change the original source domain during the validity period. When the (IM) service has been activated, you may modify the DNS setting of dotMobi domains. However, if the DNS has been modified, the IM service will become invalid, and the IM service fees charged for the rest of validity period will not be refundable. All users for the (IM) service will be charged on a monthly basis. Anyone who applies for the (IM) service for less than one month will be charged a one-month service fee, and the (IM) service will expire at the end of the month. For example, if you apply for the IM service for one month starting on 2009-02-01, the expiration date will be 2009-02-28; and if you apply for the IM service for one month starting on 2009-02-28, the expiration date will also be 2009-02-28. We recommend you apply for the (IM) service at the beginning of a month.

  • Instant Mobilizer enhances your .mobi site in terms of

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